My Very First Miso Making!

My Very First Miso Making!

Feb 28 2022

In October, I participated in a miso making workshop at the temple of Showzen-san, who also serves as an advisor to this site.

How can miso not be delicious when it is made with the best ingredients and in the best environment?   Normally and recently, miso is made in plastic vats, but this time we made it in a traditional wooden vat made of Yoshino cedar, made by one of the last craftspersons in Japan.

First, loosen the koji* and salt and mix them well so that they are evenly distributed.

*Koji is used in the production of fermented foods such as sake, miso, vinegar, pickles, soy sauce, shochu, and awamori by utilizing the action of various decomposing enzymes produced by the mold, which is made by breeding grains such as rice, wheat, and soybeans with microorganisms, mainly molds that are effective in food fermentation. It is a fermentation technique unique to the East Asian region, including the Himalayan region and Southeast Asia.


Then, boil the soybeans over wood and mash them.     How much to mash is a matter of taste of each person.


After the mashed beans are thoroughly mixed with the prepared koji and salt, they are made into a dumpling shape and placed in the vat as if crushing them so that there are no spaces.


The miso vat comes with an inner lid, so put the inner lid on and place a heavy stone on top.    After a few months, the miso is ready to be used, with some turning* along the way.   Since it is a preserved food, you can use it after it has matured for a long time, or use it while it is still young.

*The process of removing any mold on the surface and mixing the whole thing evenly.

It already smells very nice.    Can't wait to see it done!


Misooke 10kg

Misooke 3kg


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